The FRYM is a London-based multidisciplinary artist, working with high-end brands, interior stylists, media and mural production companies.

Taking inspiration from the rich traditions of folk painting techniques and Orthodox European art, The FRYM has paved a unique journey as a symbology-driven artist. The artist specialises in a self-developed one-of-a-kind painting style and authentic craftsmanship. Their paintings are often referred to as hypnotic, sacral, and powerfully calming.

The FRYM is constantly developing their style of expression, experimenting with the rhythmic energy of the imagery and intricate themes. Despite the complexity, the technique nevertheless features a seamless merging of character and environment throughout their portfolio. Recent acrylic works featuring dreamscapes, allegories of mental and physical journeys, and recreations of biblical teachings "travel far from reality" but come from the heart.

Cointreau and Liberty London Department Store are among several fashion powerhouses involved in collaborations with the artist.